1 Handed Typing bandit

I learned to type by myself around the age of 8.  I never really measured my speed because it was not something I knew was measurable (WPM).  In 7th grade, Typing was actually a class and we used manual typewriters.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class but not because it was at a “private” school I was forced to go to away from all my early grade school friends.  At the private school all the kids were mostly spoiled, snooty, stuck up …well you get the picture.  I did not fit in, so when I kicked all their asses at typing (65-85 WPM) and was finished several minutes before and with less errors than the “others”, I gloated big time.

After being Diagnosed in 2008 with Multiple Sclerosis, I learned as much as I could about the illness.  Externally I was no different.  Internally, I had some lesions on my brain, lost vision in my Right eye (Optic Neuritis) for 2 weeks along with excruciating pain behind the eyeball until the steroids kicked in and ran their course.  Eventually my vision returned.  6 months later (shortly after starting Copaxone) I developed Foot Drop and I started loosing grip and dexterity in my right hand, fingers, arm, etc.  Typing with 2 hands quickly became a thing of the past.  No longer would I be proficient in my IT career.  My right hand got worse and worse by the week.  I could just “feel” it not working and I wanted to cut it off with a machete.

Its amazing how the mind and body adapts as I had to learn how to do everything left handed.  Well now or soon enough www.frogpad.com will release version 2 of its 1 handed Typing keyboard sure to rival other contraptions I have used.  I have opted for the limited edition [early prototype] model and then the regular release due out in April.

I’m really looking forward to this new technology as they have made some nice yet to be seen, but promised advancements.  Check out their site and their Facebook page for more details!