#49 – and JCV Negative

Not much more to say but Infusion #49 and JCV results are a Negative [Titer.10].  SPMS is not being kind to me but there are others far worse and have the scary position of being JC + with a high Titer.  I’m not sure what I would do at this point.  So many come off of Ty and switch to a different drug, have a relapse or reaction and are back on #Tysabri again.  These are not easy decisions to make any boat you are in.  They say MS is not a death sentence but recently 2 or 3 MS patients I’m aware of have died.

Mobility seems to be getting worse and driving or getting into the car is a constant struggle.   Mental acuity is still there thank goodness! Tiredness has a whole new meaning these days but yet somehow, I’m awake writing a blog at 3 in the morning.  Stress remains high and difficult to deal with.  My 1st Therapeutic massage is the 16th so hopefully that will help.  Maybe I can even start driving to PT again.  🙂

Infusion 49