Another Prank Phishing Support call…TO Me

Prank Phishing call

These are fake support calls from a person of Indian dialect. One time I even had a woman on the line trying the scam on me.  Clearly u can hear the others in the sweatshop call house running the same script to fake you into compromising your computer and getting you to give up information you should not. This could include credit card or other payment for services that are not necessary making you believe that your computer is sending out viruses to their server or some other BS.
They have called me many times before as well as 4 times today after I messed with them and told them I knew their scam and what they were doing.

Them:  “Who Told you this is a scam?”

Me: “Bill Gates…”

Their phone #’s are always fake or private too.
Call a reputable local computer technician if u r having problems. NO ONE WILL CALL YOU!  Enjoy the snippet of video HERE: