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Day 13 of Juicing – The Ginger Shot

20140614-112329-41009647.jpgThe best combo of all the ingredients so far has been the nugget (2″ cut) of ginger root and gala apple juiced together in a shot. It really gets ya going 1st thing in the morning.
Weeks 1 and 2 have been followed to a the letter. It has not always been “easy” especially the 1st 2 days. After that hurdle, the juice / blend concoctions have always made me full. Some even give you gas (red beets).

Sweet Beet – 1 Down 27 To Go

Day 2…I made it past Day 1.  I think I urinated about 30 Times!  No lie.  But  I do have a spastic bladder fbreathoffreshair2rom the MS and I did forget to take my pills until almost noon?  MS  Fog maybe, but I was so busy today with work while trying to fit in Juicing and getting everything cleaned up .  What a mess I made.  It certainly is a lot of work for someone with limited mobility and only use of 1 good hand.  My product looks NOTHING like theirs but its in the same hue.

The Juices (2 different ones 2 times in the day) along with the Ginger Shot were tolerably tasty.  I’d be lying  if I said I was not craving something sweet or crunchy.  I will say I was full for the most part and hunger was not a factor.  The going to the bathroom all the time most certainly is!  Cleaning the machine and the containers….tedious.  It will be worth it Im sure.

My wife and I worked together to get everything ready tonight for tomorrow (Day 2) by preparing the portions and putting most ingredients all in 1 bag for each Juice session.  It can only get easier and after all…it is mind over matter.

And the 28 day Juice Begins…

breathoffreshairThe Science of clean, healthy, efficient cells.   Thats the best way to describe Juicing in a nutshell.  That is what I gathered from watching #SJM a second time.   I am prepared.  I did a full blood panel and have my Dr.’s OK.   The materials & tools are prepped and ready, my wife is on board, I have the ingredients.  I’m very impressed with the App that you use to prepare as well as daily activities and coaching.  What have I forgotten?  Will I have problems in the bathroom department?  Do I have the mindset and the willpower to last 28 days?  Many others before me have succeeded and some have failed but what have I got to lose.

I will be blogging about this pretty frequently so… Here goes nothing or something and here’s to your health.  It looks pretty good!


Blasting, Juicing, Shaking – Can it make a Difference?

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a NutriBullet 900 and have been reading Juicing blogs including one that led me to    The 96 minutes is WELL worth a full watch especially for anyone like me with a chronic illness or disease that might be taking drugs and is concerned about your overall health.  No better time than the present, Eh?

Before purchasing the NB900, I succumbed to a late night infomercial of the previous model and several YouTube video reviews of this new monster that did not even appear to be available on the company’s webpage.  Guess the 2 for 1 sale of the old model was a good indication of the arrival of the new model I was about to purchase.

No need for me to review how awesome the NB900 is – just look up the reviews on YouTube yourself.  I have used several times in the past 2 weeks and really like it.  Now I need to apply to the SuperJuiceMe principals.

The real crux of this post is to inform you of the Juicing Experiment and that I plan on taking part in it and documenting as I go.  Wouldn’t that be something if I could reduce my medicine intake, stop being a borderline Type 2 Diabetic, Stop using a CPAP, lose weight, have an adverse affect on my Multiple Sclerosis and improve my health by following a Juicy and healthier lifestyle?  Check out the SuperJuiceMe Experiment and see what you think.

To our improved health!

Shop, Donate, Smile

Do you shop at #Amazon as much as I do?   I mean who does not want a package to open daily delivered to your doorstep?  Even if it is toilet bowl cleaner or batteries for your #NeatoRobotics XV-21 Vacuum or supplies for your next Super Bowl Party.  Who has time to go out and get all that crap day in and day out even if you don’t have a chronic illness.  I’ve saved gas and time — that warrants an #AmazonPrime subscription without question after the first week of use.

I could be embarassed to admit how much I actually spend a year in online purchases; but maybe not.  Others may be more so.  You know who you are.  🙂

Well tonight my buddy Jerry Frye of Frye’s Painting told me about #AmazonSmile.

Wanna give back to the MS community or another org?
Use Amazon Smile!

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.
AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same Amazon Prime benefits.
Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at

Every Bit Counts!  Thanks Amazon for #GivingBack!