Doorbot – Gadget of the Month

doorbotAnyone who knows me, knows I’m all about gadgets.  I love home automation and making things easier for myself.  Work Smarter, not Harder – RIGHT?

Well I’m revisiting a gadget I saw a while ago but was still in the manufacturing stage and pre-order phase.  In fact it even went thru a redesign and footprint shrink and was seen on #SharkTank.  Meet the #Doorbot.  A secure Wifi audio/video Doorbell that calls your mobile device no matter where you are.  I just received it the other day and set it up.   Although I still need to physically secure it outside by the door, it can be powered by your existing doorbell or taken off and charged quickly.  The unit already comes fully charged and is supposed to last about a year?!  Setup was fairly simple.  Video is slightly jenky / unclear but 2-way audio is fairly decent.  The Camera eye is adjustable from the back I did test when the device was right next to the iPhone so I did experience some delay / feedback.  The 1 thing I would like to see is the ability to initiate the view of the door from the iPhone without someone pressing the button at the #Doorbot !  Cool Gadget though.  Should help me with the next package I have to sign for or Jehovah’s Witnesses that I can not answer the door for 🙂

Discount code “DOORBOT-TEN”