Tysabri Infusion # 32

Today i had Infusion # 32 today.  I feel the energy starting to come back after a draining week.  Tysabri gets infused on a 28 day cycle but has a half life of +/- 14 days.  So most people I know on this drug start to feel like shit the week before their infusion date.  It’s like trying to walk through a pit of bubblegum or molasses.  That’s if you can walk.  There are plenty of other “feelings”.  We Tysabi-ans “jones” for it –but not like crack addicts.  Although I’m sure we bitch about needing it just the same.


Technology vulnerabilities

In the world of vulnerabilities – we are are all vulnerable. There’s no patch for human stupidity. The age old adage “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. But technology still has its issues and the public will never be able to keep up. So who is responsible for keeping us protected?


Eye Dr today

Feeling like crap today and I’m working as diligently as possible. I’m seeing the scale move in the right direction but being tempted yet again by the snacks at work.
It’s off to the eye Dr to discuss why I can’t see shit up close now. Getting older ? Over the 40 hump? Well I am past that.

Technology blurbs laced with my battle against Multiple Sclerosis and journey to a healthier lifestyle