Planning to Pee

Many of you with MS know this topic all too well.  Even if you plan, your plan can fail and it can be embarrassing to say the least.  I often think – What do the women of MS do?  Guys can carry wide mouth Gatorade bottles with them in the car for instance.  A truck driver gave me that tip.  But who really has the time and control to whip that out and then whip it out.  Especially when you are 90 minutes in to a snowstorm rush-hour traffic jam that requires +100% of your attention to avert death that is being tested by the spastic bladder that is about to burst.  As if mass transit busses sliding backwards down a hill at you was not nerve racking enough.

Another MS blog I follow had a recent post ( on bathroom placement and alerting handicapable to the location [as in are there stairs because some of us MSers would never fucking make it].  Sounds like potential for a good app but could it make money?   My i-Inject App is still selling a couple copies a month but nothing like when it was released in 2009.

My life is affected and planned around my bathroom schedule, sad to say but its the truth.  Thanks MS.  Even with drugs, there is an occasional mishap.  Its not the end of the world.