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JCV Test

121914-JCVTest – Negative again!  Tysabri continues!

Although my index went from .07 to .11 – its not a huge jump and still negative.  We still don’t know if the Titer Index value plays a huge role or not.  Some Dr’s seem to think so.

My 58th Tysabri infusion is scheduled for 1/16.   That makes 4.5 years (58 divide by 13 infusions per year) on Tysabri.

I will have my MRI (its been about 2 years) in the next 2 weeks to check for lesion / Brain/Spine changes.  HATE the MRI!


Tysabri Infusion # 32

Today i had Infusion # 32 today.  I feel the energy starting to come back after a draining week.  Tysabri gets infused on a 28 day cycle but has a half life of +/- 14 days.  So most people I know on this drug start to feel like shit the week before their infusion date.  It’s like trying to walk through a pit of bubblegum or molasses.  That’s if you can walk.  There are plenty of other “feelings”.  We Tysabi-ans “jones” for it –but not like crack addicts.  Although I’m sure we bitch about needing it just the same.