Help for the Color Blind – EnChroma

I’ve known I have been color Blind since 4th grade during an in school test (if my memory serves me – Maybe 5th or 6th grade?). I remember other classmates finding out (no medical privacy back then) I was color blind and being harassed (asked) what color their Scooby Doo lunchbox was.

Color Blindness has not really affected me that I am aware of except for  Computer utilization.  You can find the test here: .  Since I spend a great deal of time looking at monitors, I’ve decided to try a highly successful (80-85%) solution.  EnChroma has joined forces with Valspar (paint company) to bring special indoor and outdoor glasses to help the color blind in their #ColorForAll Campaign.

Most of their stock is either sold out or backordered 3-4 weeks.  I have ordered the EnChroma Cx Hawk and will blog about my findings.