Tattoo Day – MS is no Fantasy Island

MS certainly remains a mystery as there is no cure – only treatments. Many argue there will never be a cure as there is no money to be made in the cure but that’s not positive thinking or a hopeful attitude. This can create unneeded additional stress which is another thing we MSers are told exacerbates our conditions further.
March brings MS awareness month and I’ve been planning something big and permanent. A Tattoo.  Many MSers show their Faith and Hope for a cure by making a permanent mark on their skin with meaning.
For me, this has been about a year in the thought and design process.   It included engaging a artist and fraternity brother, Jason Lenox.  I have known and held with high regard for many years.  The Tattoo artist, Dust Deimler – can be found at 717 Tattoo – in Mechanicsburg –  I was referred to him by a client/friend who had several hours of work with Dust.    It finally came to fruition this Past Sunday.

There are a lot of things going on here with many hidden elements but I wont disclose them all.  It’s a wind blown sun with tattered rays and a smirk.  Strength and power are represented even though it is weathered and beaten.  The Multiple Sclerosis “orange” ribbon is carried by the Sun and the Rays that are exposed and torn represent the Myelin sheath that covers the nerve fibers carrying impulses.  This Myelin gets destroyed and damaged in the chronic illness that myself and millions of others deal with on a daily basis. There are other things in there too but will remain personal.

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month.  I’m aware every day….